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Precious Metal Live Price Quotations

Kitco® is one of the most popular sites and their 24hr live graphs of gold, silver, platinum &amp palladium make it easy to identify the dips (for that BTFD strategy). They also provide extremely useful and comprehensive historical graphs.
Monex also provides live quotes on the bullion, but also provides the latest prices for bullion coins such as gold & silver eagles, canadian maple leafs, etc. Note that the bullion quotations are claimed to be “mid-points” between current bid & ask prices.
A-Mark is actually one of the U.S. Mint’s Authorized Purchasers. As such, their pricing quotes on their main page show pretty much the cheapest current rate available for new bullion coins. Of course, it will be difficult to get that price as the bulk ordering required to even create an account with A-Mark excludes most buyers.
SilverSaver(R) - Save Physical Silver and Gold

Bullion Brokers & Dealers

American Precious Metals Exchange is another of the U.S. Mint’s Authorized Purchasers. However, it stands out as one that allows its customers to purchase physical bullion online and have it delivered to their home. Customers using a credit card will pay more than those who use a personal check, bank check or wire transfer. APMEX’s premiums can be on the high side, but once in a while good deals can be found on some of their products and the site is easily navigable. Prices are dynamic – they change constantly with the underlying bullion spot market.
Bullion Direct
BullionDirect® also allows customers to buy bullion online and take delivery. Their catelog is limited, but they do have the most popular bullion forms available at prices close to their competitors. Prices are dynamic – they change constantly with the underlying bullion spot market.
Miles Franklin
Miles Franklin has most commonly requested bullion available. Approximate quotes can be obtained online, but actual costs and orders must be placed over the phone.
The Coin Agent
Marketed as an “alternative to auctions and big retail coin companies” and frequently offering some of the lowest premiums in the market, The Coin Agent should be considered for bullion purchases.

Online Purchase & Storage

See Online Storage comparisons.
GoldMoney. The best way to buy gold & silver
See Online Storage comparisons.
Bullion Vault
See Online Storage comparisons.

Precious Metals News, Information & Research

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) has done amazing work exposing the secrecy behind central banks’ manipulation of the gold markets and their historical efforts to suppress the price of gold in order to prop up fiat currencies. (The ‘powers that be’ definitely don’t want to see high prices for gold! They know that high gold prices draw attention to the fact that fiat currencies are worthless.)
Silver for the People
BrotherJohnF has been putting out thoughtful and timely video posts on YouTube. Recently he added a blog-roll, which has around 30 posts per day. His main message is for people to continue to stack physical silver whenever possible during the price dips because silver is real money and the central banking fiat system as well as the world’s financial markets are a sham and will eventually collapse.
The site has daily updates regarding the global gold markets, with latest analysis on market trends.
The site follows the latest trends in gold metal as well as gold stocks.
Analysis and sometimes colorful commentary by Jim Willie, an “Internationally Recognized Market Commentator.” The site contains articles regarding the precious metals markets and the politics, government interventions & market tricks that affect their prices. Also found is a link to the Contrarian Investors Cafe where he has varios audio interview archives.
The Golden Sextant
The Golden Sextant site is “Dedicated to the fight for sound, consitutional money” and has a vast collection of articles, essays, speeches & commentaries.
Guild Investments
Guild Investment has up-to-date market news affecting precious metals markets.
JS MineSet
Jim Sinclair’s site has daily commentary on the precious metals market, with emphasis on the global current events that have affected the gold price as well as theoretical projections of future performance.
King World News
King World News’ host Eric King hosts several interviews each week with world-renown, knowledgeable experts in the precious metals markets, mining industry as well as finance and economics.
Market Force Analysis
Market Force Analysis occasionally publishes well written articles by Adrian Douglas, with unique and keen insight not found anywhere else. Unfortunately, there are sometimes months in between publications.
The site is a sister site to and has daily updates regarding the global silver markets, with latest analysis on market trends.
Zero Hedge
You’ll probably read about it first on Zero Hedge! Don’t expect proper spelling, punctuation or grammar and be prepared for annoying tangents in almost every sentence. But all that can be excusable, given the rapid-fire sequence of market posts that hit the page hourly.

Alternative News Sources

Given the fact that the main stream media doesn’t cover precious metals as much as they should, it is difficult to get the real scoop behind some of the factors that have motivated the prices of precious metals. It is therefore necessary to seek out new sources. The following is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a start….
The Daily Bell
The Daily Bell strives to expand public awareness of what a free market really is and what it means to have one. It aims to to end tyranny and socialism, which are becoming increasingly more evident in the welfare state formerly known as America.
Spiegel Online
Spiegel Online International has more information regarding what’s really happening out there in the world. It’s a real shame that the main stream media outlets available to 99% of the masses (especially in the U.S.) don’t report on this stuff. (Perhaps that’s because most people would rather watch Dancing with the Stars, than deal with reality?)
The Telegraph Out of the UK, The Telegraph has reliable and timely news and commentary regarding the latest financial issues facing the world, with emphasis on European affairs. Insightful articles from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard are almost a daily occurance.
International Man
A relatively new site, the International Man strives to educate people on the possibilities of diversification. Diversification of one’s finances is one thing, but if you are a citizen of one country, spend all your time there and keep all your assets there, you may be taking a risk. This is especially true for those in the western hemisphere. This site has information on how to diversify your entire life!


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