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Cut/Paste the short-code segments below into your own web pages.  These little widgets are available, free of charge, to the public.


Gold Chart
Gold Spot from TroyOz.Info
Silver Chart
Silver Spot from TroyOz.Info
Platinum Chart
Platinum Spot from TroyOz.Info
Palladium Chart
Palladium Spot from TroyOz.Info


Terms of Use:
These charts are provided by TroyOz.Info free of charge, but please note that these charts do not constitute a service. TroyOz.Info will not accept responsibility and/or liability for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the provided charts. TroyOz.Info reserves the right to alter, discontinue or even halt continued chart feeds with or without notice at any time and without liability to the individual user. Each user agrees to be responsible in the usage of these charts and bear all liability associated with its usage. Improper usage of charts include but are not limited to: removal of html data, use of charts for an illegal activity, alteration of the charts, removal of links to TroyOz.Info. By using the above charts from TroyOz.Info, you acknowledge that TroyOz.Info owns all rights and title to this property.


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